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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Swallowing Research project about?

The project aims to understand how people with swallowing difficulties make decisions about their eating and drinking. ​

We would like to know what information people with swallowing difficulties have to help decisions about their eating and drinking. 

We also want to know how and why people with dysphagia make the decisions they do about eating and drinking. 

The project forms part of a Research Masters at Leeds Beckett University.

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Who can share their stories?

Any adult who has experience of swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). 

If you are worried about your swallowing and have not told anyone, please contact your doctor.

Sources of support and advice are available here

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Who can answer the questionnaire?

Any adult who has been told they have a swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) - i.e. by a healthcare professional.

This is because the questionnaire asks specific questions about what you were told and advised. 

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Will the information I provide be confidential?

You can choose to keep your story private or publish it on this website.

We will remove any identifying details before publishing your story and before including it in the research project.

We will also remove any identifying details from your questionnaire answers, before including them in the research project.

All stories shared to the website will be moderated to remove any abusive or inappropriate content.

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Are there any benefits or risks to taking part in the research?

We hope that taking part will enable people with swallowing difficulties to share their story and read others' experiences. 

By taking part, you will be helping to contribute to new research. This research might help guide future discussions about eating and drinking for those with swallowing difficulties.  

Taking part is not expected to cause any discomfort or distress, but you can access information on support or advice here

Please note that the research team cannot give any individual advice about your swallowing difficulties. 

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Once I have submitted my story to the website, can I change or delete it?

We will not be able to identify your story as yours once submitted, due to it being anonymised.

Therefore we cannot change or remove your story once submitted. 

All posts will be moderated to remove personal information or abusive content.

The website has no fixed end date but a statement will be placed on the website one week before it is closed down.

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How will the information submitted to the website be used?

Stories submitted privately and publicly will be used for a Research Masters and ongoing research at Leeds Beckett University.

This may include the use of anonymised quotations taken from website posts.

Once enough stories and questionnaires have been submitted, a statement will be placed on the website one week before the website is closed so that users are aware in advance.

The people who might read the Research Masters are the project supervisors, other members of the university staff and external examiners.

Additionally, the information may be published in academic journals, presented at academic conferences, used for teaching purposes or shared publicly. 

Although the information may be used for these purposes, you will not be identifiable in any way through these activities.

The website will not ask you for any personal information and posts will be moderated to remove any personal or identifying information about the contributor or a third party.

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What should I do if I am worried about my swallowing difficulty?

Please contact your doctor as soon as possible

There are also sources of support and advice here

The research team are unable to offer any individual advice or support

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How do I participate in the research?

Recruitment to the study has now closed.

Findings will be shared here in due course.

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