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About swallowing research

Who are we?

We are three researchers from Leeds Beckett University: 

One Speech and Language Therapist and researcher:

Sally Pratten

Two academics:

Dr Anne Hurren

Professor Georgina Jones

We want to hear from people who have swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). 

We want to know how people with swallowing difficulties decide what to eat and drink.


Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) affect adults and children with many different conditions. 

Speech and Language Therapists may recommend changes to the texture of food and drink if someone has swallowing difficulties.

We want to understand what information is available to people with swallowing difficulties.  

We also want to know how people with swallowing difficulties decide what they will eat and drink. 

This Website

This website allows people with swallowing difficulties to share their experiences. Please click here to read others' stories. 

Recruitment to the study has now closed. Findings will be shared here in due course.

About: Research
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